Your cat seems always angry, what now?


Your cat seems to be always angry, what should you do? 1. These behavioral changes are something that you need to talk to your veterinarian about on your cat’s next vet visit. Your licensed veterinarian can provide more insights on the reasons and what to do. 2. Start a journal, and write down the recent changes that you did in your life and house in the last three weeks, whether you moved to a new place, introduce a new pet (another cat or a pet dog), a new person moved in to your place and other changes. Share this info with your vet, and see what he thinks. 3. Try to calm your cat down by talking to your cat in a very low, loving and gentle voice. If your cat steps towards you, gently pet your cat and talk to your cat. 4. If you are in a multiple cat household, you need to study what’s going on either your cat is the bully or being bullied by your other pets, there could be issue on the litter boxes as well as the food.