Get your popcorn ready for the debate tonight


Get your popcorn bowls ready for a very long night tonight, it’s the September Democrats debate hosted by ABC and Univision. Tonight is an important night for Team Buttigieg, this is the debate that’s expected to further catapult Mayor Pete as a serious Front tier candidate to win the nomination. Also, tonight former VP Joe Biden is expected to take all the punches from other major contenders like Sanders, Warren and Harris. Will the VP prove them all wrong, that’s he’s still the top candidate to beat President Trump? The polls are with Joe as well as the power donors. Two Texas boys are also in the running tonight, it’s the Immigration showdown part two between Castro and Beto, during the first debate Beto O'Rourke did not have enough time and room to explain his stand, it’s expected that Castro will come in as strong as all his past debate performances because after all Julian is a really smart candidate, he knows what he’s talking about and the only big challenge is can this debate help him with his poll numbers and bring him back for the next October’s debate and on to next year’s Super Tuesday? The Yang gang needs to perform well tonight as well as Team Cory Booker, of course Sen Amy Klobuchar made news by being on the same flight with Mayor Pete. Let’s see guys, who will shine tonight! I have to say though, I miss Marianne Williamson, she always add this certain sparkle and voice during debates, she had proven last debate that she’s a serious candidate and not just a laughing memes, but she says on her Twitter that after the debate tonight, she will be live streaming. So Marianne fans America wide won’t miss her for sure.