Why you should be watching Andrei King


Why you should be watching Andrei King? Well, first off, Andrei King as his signature introduction goes, is definitely your King, that is, YouTube king. Andrei is a social media influencer and content creator. His YouTube channel reflects his take on life, from random hair salon trip with his catchy title, he lost all his hair, but of course, he’s just kidding, in fact, it’s really an interesting video as he revealed his hair style secret and encourages his fans and followers, to try his hair cut and see if it fits their style. This actually reflects Andrei’s generosity to really share as much as he can in a way that he can connect with his YouTube followers in a meaningful way, another note, he doesn’t refer to his followers as as fans but rather as friends. In one of his latest video, even though he just had his teeth whitened, he took on a non-stop eating challenge with another content creator. Definitely Andrei will take things to the next level just so he can create interesting and click worthy contents. So check out this cute Philippine King at his YouTube channel, Andrei King.