Tul Pakorn and Nature Thai Massage in Bangkok


As everyone in the BL world is hoping for a new Season of Together with Me or a new Max and Tul project, Tul Pakorn or better known as Knock at the hit BL series Together with Me is super busy with Nature Thai Massage. It’s such a beautiful massage shop right at the heart of Bangkok, what’s amazing is that the interiors gave a relaxing vibes, with greens on the ceilings and everywhere and modern furnitures that creates a modern and upscale vibes. Tul definitely upped his game in this new venture, also Tul is the image model for Owndays which is an eye wear brand. We definitely wish Tul all the best in all his current projects. And hopefully he and Max will again star in a new BL movie, as for Max, the hit Neftlix series Bangkok Stories Innocence is said to have a Season 2 although Max is not paired with Tul for this series, this is another amazing drama where Max showcased his acting skills.