Can Tee and Fuse revive the Make it Right success?


Before there was Sotus and Sotus S, What the Duck, Together with me, Love by Chance, there’s Make it Right, a very successful Thai BL series that definitely paved the way for the future success of the other Thai BL films. Tee and Fuse, the main character at Make it Right will return in a new updated Make it Right look called Make it Live on the beach. Judging from the initial photos, it seems that the series will only cover the main characters, of course Ohm recently made headlines with Singto in their team up the past months or so, although the Book and Frame love team are also loved by BL fans worldwide. So it wouldn’t really hurt to revive the team ups again. But the Tee and Fuse reunion series is very interesting, in the sense that both actors had grown professionally in their acting careers, this new series will definitely bring back the charms and feel of the original Make it Right series. With the beach theme, it’s going to be definitely a summer cool movie worth watching and falling in love with all over again, the Make it Right way.