6 Facts about Dental veneers


6 Facts about Dental Veneers: 1. Veneers work for dual purpose, aesthetics and also to protect your teeth from further decay. 2. Dental veneers can be adjusted to fix gaps between teeth, although it’s always suggested to do braces first. 3. You need an attached teeth in order to do a veneer as it’s a thin shell that’s wrapped around the visible portion of the teeth, and cured with a handheld dental light instrument. 4. Composite vs Porcelain veneers. The composite veneer is usually not stain resistant, much cheaper compared to Porcelain, and best for fixing crooked teeth and filling in minor gaps between teeth, while the Porcelain veneers gives a much finished look to your teeth, it’s more expensive than the composite veneer and required multiple dental visit to finish the look. 5. You need to replace your veneers usually between 7 to 10 years. It really depends on how you take care of your veneers and your over all dental hygiene. 6. Taking care of your veneers is ultimately important, you need to avoid staining them with foods that can stain them as well as coffee and red wine, and you need to use an easy glide floss as well as utmost dental care is necessary to protect and further increase the life span of your veneers.