Why it's tough to like a straight guy


If you’re a girl, basically this is not your issue. But let us say you’re a guy who’s in love with a straight guy, well the truth is, it’s going to be tough. Here’s why: 1. He can’t really commit to you. If he’s a close friend and you confessed, well there’s a huge chance that he will understand you but without really saying it directly that he’s not into you, you’ll just quickly figured it out. And things will get really awkward. 2. Chances are he has a girlfriend. And that really sucks. I mean, how can you compete with that? 3. It just won’t work. If it does, or something happened, then that brings up the question, is he just experimenting or figuring out if this can be his thing, which in the long run experience wise, will not go to your favor. 4. When you look at things from the big picture, isn’t it nice to be with someone who is also ready to emotionally engage with you? A straight guy won’t.