Why Mayor Pete Buttigieg's momentum is unstoppable


Mayor Pete Buttigieg had proven that he’s definitely not just the darling of the press with all his day and late night talk show tours but rather he has substance with lasting powers that goes beyond the flavor of the month. If elected by 2020, he will become the first openly gay millennial married guy who met his husband at Hinge app who also happens to be a Mayor from Midwest, served in Afghanistan, Rhodes Scholar and Harvard graduate President of the United States. If that’s not a lot to swallow, here’s where he stand on major issues: 1. His campaign runs on values: Freedom, Security and Democracy. 2. He wants to replace the electoral college with National popular vote, one vote, one count. 3. He stands for Immigration reform for everyone, including Dreamers and he wants to modernize the Immigration system as well as protect the refugees. 4. Minimum wage to $15 5. Pass Equality act so everyone’s rights are protected. 6. He believes in women’s rights to make decisions on their own bodies and this covers reproductive rights 7. He believes in Medicare for all who want it as a pathway for Medicare for all. 8. He wants to restore America’s credibility abroad. 9. He will set a higher bar when making decisions whether he will engage the country to war or not. 10. He believes in sensible gun laws to combat gun violence. 11. Green new deal for a green economy. 12. End to endless wars 13. Fairness and justice in the Supreme court by upping the number of judges to fifteen, the five will be confirmed through promotion, the rest normally, either way, he will create a commission to improve these structures. 14. Create a million paid National service spots by 2026

Mayor Pete is reframing the conversation on what it means to be conservative, as he always said, everything about him has some conservative angles in the sense that, he lives a very normal American life that everyone can relate to, he has dogs and he’s married to someone who just happens to be a man. Mayor Pete also challenges the Mike Pence of the world that if they had a problem on who he is, their quarrel is beyond his pay grade, as he said during his Victory fund speech, if there is a pill that can make him not gay, he will take it even before he sips that water. He was thankful that there was no pill. In all his interviews he emphasized the importance that his marriage had on him, it shaped his life. He has major challenges ahead of him, communicating his message to the black voters and winning the Hispanic votes. But when you think about having him and Chasten as America’s first family, think about its impact from a global scale where there are more than 70 countries that persecutes and punishes their citizens for being LGBTQ. Mayor Pete was right, this is not just about winning an election, this is about winning an era. More on the mayor at Pete for America. Guys, it’s time to donate, and chip in, let’s bring Mayor Pete from North Bend, Indiana, straight to the White House, but first, he needs win the Democrat party nomination and it starts by supporting his campaign to be the party nominee, and also telling your friends, family and everyone by that we meant including your boyfriend or girlfriend who right now might not be tuning in as he or she is busy creating your next source of drama.