Which of the BL actors has the cutest haircut?


Of course there’s no doubt that the BL actor’s haircut totally make or break their look. Saint and Mean of Love By Chance always goes for that cute boy next door haircut look. But Mean during fashion shows is more open to trying new looks for his hair. Jason and Simon of Advance Bravely has a more standard simple hair cut look which definitely fits their physique. Mew Suppasit of Tharn Type tries to suit his look with his series character, but of course we love seeing Mew with his What The Duck haircut, it fits him more cooly and actually he’s more handsome with a slight bangs. Singto can be adventurous with his hair cut and that always work for him, while Krist goes for his standard look which fans really love, and it really fits him well. But Chris Wu of History 3 Trapped gave a really modern hair cut in his series with cute Jake, Taiwanese and International fans loved Chris looks!