How to go fancy for the cheap


You wana take your man out for a fancy evening, but the trouble is, you don’t really have much cash. How do you go fancy for the cheap? 1. Restaurant shop days ahead. There’s nothing wrong in educating yourself with different restaurants in your area, their specialties, and prices. 2. While restaurant shopping, check out not only their menu and prices, but the over all ambiance and feel of the place. You wanna go with a restaurant that has a romantic vibes because this adds to the place’s fancy feeling. 3. Talk to your man and tell him that you’re gonna go to three to four restaurants and you’re just gonna do appetizers and drinks. It will cost less, and it’s really fun to restaurant hop in one single evening. 4. Order a bottle of wine, ditch the appetizers, split the main course and end it up with two desserts.