4 Instances where you shouldn't like your BF's social media post


4 Instances where you shouldn’t like your boyfriend’s social media post: 1. When he starts talking way too much about himself, I mean revealing tons of tiny details that technically you’re the only one on earth that should know about this. 2. His politics. If this is something that you feel strongly about, and just one of those few issues that you both don’t agree with. It’s ok not to like his politics post. You’re entitled to your own opinion, you know. 3. Given the fact that your boyfriend was definitely born inside the gym as that’s the only place where he feels like he’s really one with nature. So obviously, his social media posts focuses on his shirtless updates and all the latest gym thingy that he’s been busy these days. You don’t really need to like his posts and tell the world that you got a gym for a man. 4. When he post photos of him and his mother bonding endlessly like there’s no tomorrow. Ok, you have an issue with his mom, she kinda doesn’t like you. You don’t need to force yourself to like that post, you know.