What to do if you crack your phone


What to do if you crack your phone? 1. It’s ok to scream, cracks on your phone screen is definitely shocking. 2. Don’t go too emotional on your phone. I mean you dropped it, it’s cracked, and it’s not working. You can cry all you want but its over, there’s nothing you can do, really. 3. If it’s still working, lucky you there’s a thing called phone repair kiosks at your local mall where you can bring your phone and they can replace the glass part of the screen for like half of the cost of buying a new phone. 4. Never attempt to run your fingers through the cracked screen, you just don’t know if there’s pieces of glass there although most screen uses tempered glass. Just be extremely careful. Place your phone at a paper bag or if you have a small cardboard box, that will do. And then decide on what to do next. 5. You can call your phone carrier and ask them to check your account and if there are any new phone promo that you’ll qualify on ‘cause probably it’s better to just get a new phone. 6. Look for recycling spots in your area where you can ditch your phone, it’s eco and that should make you feel good and proud of yourself for doing the green right thing.