Why Ohm and Singto has chemistry


Singto and Ohm starts the year with the launch of a really interesting and thought provoking BL drama, He’s coming to Me, and its original English title, which is a little bit long, “They’re celebrating QingMing Festival next to my grave” Singto Prachaya comes from a long list of successful BL movies, including Sotus The Series with his team mate Krist Perawat and last year’s Friendzone with Nat Sakdatorn and Plustor. The latter film particularly is interesting because of all the couples in that series Friendzone the tensions from the love triangle story between, Singto, Nat and Plustor generate a lot of buzz and interest compared to the other couples in that series. Ohm of course is a product of Make it Right, he will always be remembered as Frame who cornered Book through the wall. Ohm started the BL theme at a young age, now that he’s in his late teens, it’s really interesting to see how he tackles his acting career, will he continue with the BL genre or will he be like Gxxod who moved forward with other projects or with Krist who’s now positioning himself not only as an actor but also a successful singer. Now the chemistry. Definitely there’s no denying that Ohm and Singto has this chemistry, and its hard to describe what it seems like because with Krist, Singto is a different guy, he’s playing this perfect boyfriend that you want to introduce to mom while at Friendzone he had grown up as a kinda possessive to strict boyfriend of Nat but in reality, he just wants Nat to see him for all he is. So with Ohm, Singto had taken all those experiences, and created a new take for this movie. So why do they have a chemistry? Because they simply do.