Are you lovin' What the Duck Season 2?


So guys what do you think about What the Duck Season 2? Of course Oreo and Strong looks so cute together, and Oreo’s funny facial expressions is back in full force. There’s no doubt really that Oreo can always do movies with comedy themes. Aim is back and her love story with Tod will finally be given it’s own day light, if you can remember that in Season one, they started building Aim’s character story with all the flight attendants bullying Mo, which is her character, but somehow they dropped that story line and the story moved forward and just focused on Oat and Pop and of course Mew and Art with the controversial Got, who we have to give it to Got, playing the villain role is really challenging for an actor because there’s that risk that the characters they play will stick with the audience, and thus might prevent them from tackling other roles, but in Got’s case, he’s a very charming Thai actor, it will be interesting though to see him play a more innocent roles, as at What the Duck his role required him to really go strong with Art and Mew. Boy Sompob like in Season one sang the OST for Season 2, and we’re definitely lovin’ his cool amazing voice. The MV showed some preview of what will happen, it seems that Strong will become a monk, spoiler alert, which is technically not considered a spoiler as every BL lovers and followers had read the novel and kinda predicted what will happen. The first season of What the Duck built this super cute and funny interactions between Oreo and Strong and it seems that in second season, we’re definitely in for an emotional roller coaster ride, the What the Duck way, and we’re not even talking on what’s gonna happen between Mew and Art here.