Why we shut down for a month


That was a hard decision for me because BL To Go is a high quality site with original contents. As a writer, I went through some kinda writer’s block situation where I feel that I reach the threshold and somehow I can’t come up with any new ideas anymore, which is basically a major ingredients in BL To Go’s contents as this site is very fast paced in terms of its approach to its contents. So the time off gave me time to figure out where I want the site to head. BL is a very interesting topic because it’s a stand alone industry that continues to grow and progress. I just didn’t realize that BL To Go had touched a lot of reader’s hearts and BL To Go is part of their daily reads, and a lot of people had missed the site which kinda tell me that BL To Go had found its niche where it can grow and foster. It’s just that we are living in this instant age of Instagram, so everything is just so fast. The news in five minutes becomes irrelevant two seconds later. And there’s just a lot of contents out there, that for a regular reader everything becomes to be too much. I actually thought about Project Wonderful, which is an ad network that closed down few months ago after years of operation. Many comic sites relies on Project Wonderful for their promotion as well as monetization, BL To Go also uses the network, but when Project Wonderful closes, the connection to the comic readers and comic sites had really affected not only BL To Go but also thousands of comic sites that relies on the network for everything. This is what change looks like. And so we have to adapt to all these changes. I just wanna say that, from my heart, thank you so much for all your support, all your love and for making BL To Go your daily read. It motivates me a lot and I really appreciate that guys. Thanks so much!