5 BL Couples that are Hot right now


Here are some of the BL Couples and team ups that are hot right now. 1. Singto and Krist- you’ve seen them at Sotus and Sotus S, and in countless fan meetings mostly in Asia. They have this natural chemistry and it’s just fun to see them together. 2. Mean and Plan- the Love by Chance couple that did not have a happy resolution in Season one, but judging from all their current projects and promo apperances, Mean and Plan are the hottest ticket right now thanks to the growing popularity of BL in Thailand. 3. Newwie and Tay Tawan- what started as a trial team ups at Kiss Me Again emerged as one of the most popular BL Couple team ups right now, and this year, the sequel to their Kiss Me Again series, which is Dark Blue Kiss will solidify their place in the BL industry. Now, if we can just add Earth to the equation, as he comes with the package after all, he’s Newwie’s love interest at Waterboyy the series. 4. Max and Tul- the leading couple behind Bad Romance and Together with Me continues to charm fans worldwide. Could it be because they just look perfect together? 5. Frank and Drake- charmed by My Tee? Frank and Drake are just too cute to look at. The sweet moments at My Tee brings back the visuals each time they made a public appearance.