Pop His Pill Scene 7




Caleb needs to do the morning vital signs for his patients but he can’t find the blood pressure machine, he bumps into his nursing classmate, Rose who at that time was carrying some kinda surgical stainless steel container.


Rose have you seen

the blood pressure machine?

It seems some of

our classmates are hiding it again.


Hi Caleb. How’s my hair?


(Takes a quick look at

Rose’s braided hair)

Does that hurts?

How can you still

think with your hair

all pulled up like that?


Fact check. My brains

are not at my head but

right at my heart.

I always think with

love in my mind.

(Eyes Caleb from top to



You mean brain?

You only have one.

Anyway, as I was saying,

can you help me find

where the blood pressure

machine is? I need to get

their vitals before I can

give their meds.


The answer is yes.

I’ll do anything you want

and that’s including

whatever church you want

to do a forever with.

I just need a really

quick two seconds to

find Nurse Pam and

figure out what to do

with this thingy.

(Shows the content of

the stainless steel container,

it has a heart, and shockingly

it was still beating)


That thingy looks like

a beating organ to me,

a heart perhaps? Where

did that thingy pop from?


Obviously, it pops

from somewhere,

so I went into this room of

the bingo girl who’s

always in pink sweater,

you know the one who

wins the bingo afternoon

game all the time,

and who gives everyone

a hard time as she can’t

pop her pills down,

it takes her a gallon of

apple sauce to swallow

a single pill. So anyway,

I was like, I’m Rose, you got

lucky, I’m your Nursing student

today, and I’m here with

a gallon of apple sauce so

you can choke all your pills

down, but first, I see some

thingy right where you’re

sitting, so first we’re just gonna

quickly change your bed

sheet and we’re all apple

sauce pill popping set to go.

So she was like just

sitting there and not

even reacting an inch,

like just technically staring

at me. So I was like,

(Goes into her sassy mode

complete with hand actions)

Hey bingo girl, butt out

from that bed! And that’s

when it happened.




She rushed like this

towards me.

(Pulled Caleb’s body

close to hers)

At that moment, Ashton was slowly walking past Caleb and Rose. He saw everything. He turned around and he and Caleb made an eye contact. Caleb in his eyes was like “I don’t know what just happened”, Ashton quickly smiles, and looks down. Caleb knew that Ashton got jealous.


And then she coughed.

And this thingy popped out.


Her heart pops out of

her mouth?


Are you always busy day dreaming

about me? On day one here

Instructor Libby says people

here are walking tragedy that

any moment, anything can

pop out, including their hearts,

I guess.

Rose took Caleb’s hand and pulled him inside the linen room, locking the confused Caleb at her arms, she pulled out the blood pressure machine hidden beneath the stacks of linen, and that’s when they caught the shocked Olive hiding at the corner with her stash of cigarette boxes.


Miss Olive?

Rose panics, she was about to scream. Olive rushed towards her and choke her with a hand towel.


I’m just curious,

did any of you guys

administered any smile wrinkle

reducing pills?

I kinda want some.

If it’s not a trouble,

I will really appreciate it

if you can give me some

in your next pill popping rounds.

In return, you guys can

split this.

Hands Rose a clear umbrella.


This is mine. See my name

on the handle. How did you

get this?


My dear Rose, you’re

not the only Rose in the

world. Some blooms for love

others are doomed by love.

(Winks at Caleb)