What does "to ship" means in BL


If you’re new to BL, you probably had seen the word “to ship” in your IG friend's caption either at their post or in their comments. Usually, it goes something like “I ship Korn and Knock” referring to the fictional characters between Max and Tul at their BL series, Together with Me. So what exactly does, “to ship” means? Basically it’s like endorsing and loving two BL actors. There’s actually a thin line that separates the actors from their characters to their real life situations. In most fans hearts and minds that line doesn’t even exist. So even if they get involve romantically with another person in their real life, it won’t really affect the fans views, as the fans totally believed that once they are “shipped” as a BL couple, no force in the world can change that. Unless Tay Tawan happens in the case of Newwie and Earth from their Waterboyy series. Tay Tawan rushed in and becomes Newwie’s love team at Kiss Me Again and soon at Dark Blue Kiss. I’m just sayin’. Another way to explain what “to ship” is all about is, it usually happens when you bring two BL actors together regardless whether they did a movie together or not, and create this illusions and fantasies that they’re actually involved in a romantic relationship even if in real life they’re not. So when you see them together either innocently hanging out or in an event where it just happen to be that both actors were invited, you suddenly feel warmth all over thinking that your “shipping” illussions and fantasies are actually becoming more real, even if they’re not. Thus you ended up opening an IG account and starts populating that account with couple pictures of the BL actors that you’re actually shipping. Other fans will catch up on that, and do the exact thing. And soon the BL couple are officially “shipped” by fans for fans.