Must Follow BL Fan IG


Here are some of the BL Fan IG accounts that you should know as these IG fan accounts will give you access to breaking news on your favorite BL actors and series: @page.toy- Love Roop Thong cutie Toy Pathompong? follow this fan site at IG for everything Toy. @maxtul.usa- Breaking news on all the latest screamingly cute photos of Together with Me hotties, Max and Tul now with over 17.5 k followers lovin’ all the latest on Korn and Knock. @beannrose- Need a daily dose of Mew and Art? Beannrose got you covered, including cool thoughts and captions. @onlysingto_ Singto is life and love. Access all the cool photos of super cute Sotus actor Singto in this amazing IG account. you need to regularly check the updates on this IG account for breaking shots of super cute Love by Chance team ups, Mean and Plan.