4 Signs that your dad is not yet ready


So here’s the thing, you’ve already come out to your mom. You were like, hey mom, I’m gay. End of story. She hugs you, and your world is back to its perfect rotation. However, you have one task left, your dad. So how do you know whether your dad is ready or not? 1. You feel it. You know your dad more than anybody else in the world. If you feel that he’s not yet ready to hear your coming out confession, don’t do it. Give him time. 2. Chances are he already knew it. If your dad is the type of dad that randomly brings up important topics over dinner or while watching the football game, and he did not bring this up, chances are, he’s still figuring out where he stands. Remember you already told your mom, and there’s a great probability that she already revealed your secret to her husband who happens to be your dad. 3. So you sat down with your dad, and while you’re about to open up, you saw that “I’m waiting for what you have to say look” in his eyes. Immediately, shift your topic. He’s not gonna be ready for you. Right now. It doesn’t mean though that he won’t turn around. Just give him time. He will tell you or at least let you know when he’s ready. It’s tough to absorb something when physically and emotionally your body is tempted to reject it. 4. Your mom revealed that your dad seems to be avoiding everyone these days. Obviously she already told him. The worst thing you can do is to confront your dad and go full aggressive. He needs time to figure this out. Don’t pressure him. Remember, like in your case, you also went through the same process of figuring out where you stand, emotionally on this very sensitive and personal issue.