6 Tips for a Healthy Bonsai


Six tips for a healthy bonsai: 1. Make sure that you’re using the right fertilizer for your bonsai, it’s best to seek advise from the garden center specialist in your local favorite garden shop, this guy will be more knowledgeable as he works with the products and he will be more familiar with the climate conditions. 2. The soil of the bonsai should be damp, but not soaking wet. Check the tray of the bonsai pot, water should drain here and should not accumulate on the bonsai’s main pot. 3. When transferring a bonsai from your interior to its new exterior spot, do it gradually, as the bonsai needs time to adjust to these location and temperature changes. 4. Make sure that the bonsai at least get between 4 to 5 hours of direct sunlight. 5. Always monitor the overall conditions of your bonsai tree, the leaves should be green and healthy, and the roots area should not be dry, also make sure that your bonsai gets the proper trimming of its dead leaves. 6. If the leaves of your bonsai starts to turn yellow, factor in a lot of factors, did you over water? is your bonsai exposed to too much sunlight? did you use the right fertilizer and bonsai soil? You might need help from a bonsai expert to solve this problem and probably save your bonsai.