4 Popular You Tube Challenges


Hooked with your favorite Youtuber? So what’s the 4 Popular YouTube challenges that’s going on these days? 1. “Can’t say No Challenge”- This is when the youtuber goes out with a friend in a place called the mall and the youtuber starts randomly asking his friend to buy him stuffs or do weird mall stuffs to embarrass him publicly and the friend obviously needs to do these things as he or she can’t say no to the challenge. 2. “Scamming the scammer”- The Youtuber does a prank call on a scammer and Youtube post it live, at the end of the video the Youtuber reveals the truth and the scammers goes in full rage crazy to the delight and Lol of everyone. 3. “All kinds of raids”- From random bag raids, to car raids, to room raids, to office raids, you name it, there’s a Youtuber app for this, or rather video for this. 4. “ASMR Food challenge”- Watch and listen to your favorite youtuber as he eats those crunchy stuffs, weird who says it’s not entertaining to listen to those weird crunchy sounds?