5 Driving Tips during the Snow season


Six driving tips during the snow season: 1. During heavy snow, think of safety first before anything else, stay at home, don’t drive. 2. Pay attention to the weather forecast and local warnings. 3. When going downhill, try not to use your brake because it can cause your wheel to stir around, same thing when going uphill, this time around don’t stop partway or chances are you’re going to lose friction and your wheels will slide down. 4. Turn on your car radio for up to date snow information when you’re on the road driving. 5. Ease your foot gently on the clutch, this will help in avoiding your car wheels to spin, and for the whole car to go off the road. 6. Calm down, if you’re wheels are sliding, pull over to the sides and decide whether to continue driving. Remember, safety comes first. You might need to ask for help and temporary abandon your car on the side of the road, depending on the road conditions ahead and how heavy the snow is.