How to Introduce a new Kitten


So how do you introduce a new kitten to your other cats? 1. Two key words: Patience and Slowly. You need to be patient, give your new kitten time to adjust to his new home. The best way to do this is to assign a room in your house specifically just for the new kitten, so he can freely roam around, equip this new room with everything that the kitten needs from water bowl, litter box to toys and food. And few days later, you can slowly introduce the new kitten to your other resident cats. 2. Use a pet carrier, and let your new kitten step out of the carrier by himself, leave the door open, so he can retreat to the carrier if the other resident cats becomes too aggressive for him. 3. Allow the cats to smell and hiss at each other. Remember this is a normal reaction, usually the resident cats will be more protective of their territory. This is their way of telling the new kitten that they’re in control. 4. Total supervision is necessary, you need to protect your kitten while making sure that there is an interaction and adjustment going on with the other resident cats. Usually it takes few days to a week or two for the new kitten and the resident cats to adjust to each other.