How to get an Oppa perfect skin


How to get an Oppa perfect skin? 1. It’s all about hydration, make sure that you drink plenty of water instead of alcoholic and sugary drinks. 2. Exfoliate your skin and moisten it with a light moisturizer, make sure that you use two types of moisturizer, the one for your face and also the one for the rest of your body. 3. Sleep early, and get an adequate amount of sleep. 4. Control your stress levels, stress has significant effect on your over all health, including your skin. 5. Use some natural oils like olive oil, avocado oil as well as coconut oil to give your skin its natural glow and maintain the appropriate moisture level as well. 6. Never go to bed with an oily, and dirty skin. Make sure that you clean your face first, taking a shower before bedtime is another great idea. 7. Watch what you eat, healthy green leafy vegetables, salmon and lean meats are helpful for your skin. 8. Exercise daily or at least three times a week to keep your skin pores open and don’t forget to hydrate yourself with water while exercising.