How to extract coconut oil


Of course you can just scoop an ice cream over your coconut and enjoy it’s tropical vibe. But if you want to extract the oil from your coconut, here’s how you do it: 1. First off, you need to find a grater, separate the coconut meat from the shell using a grater, do a research on which type of grater will works best. It’s really a matter of choice and experimentation. 2. Once you got the coconut meat out of the shell, considering that you use the appropriate coconut grater, grab a muslin cloth, and squeeze the milk out of the grated coconut meat. 3. Heat your pan in low heat, throw in the squeezed milk, and stir slowly. 4. Watch your pan, you can’t leave a coconut milk under heat as it might burn, more than half an hour later, depending on the amount of coconut milk, you’ll notice that the coco curd will start to form, and if you look closely you can see the oil that starts to seep out. 5. Continue to cook the coconut milk, by this time, the liquid will be replaced by a golden brown coco curd, and be careful because this is hot. You can wait for it to cool down a little bit, once you get the curd out of the pan. 6. Using another muslin cloth, let the curd drips down, you can now see a golden orange to light yellow oil, that’s the final product, the coconut oil, you can squeeze the coco curd to extract more oil. But don’t throw this out because you can use it as toppings in tons of desserts, check online for coco recipes.