How to take care of a guinea pig


Planning on getting those cute guinea pigs? First off, learn how to take care of them, here’s some tips: 1. Choose Timothy hay as part of the cage’s bedding for your guinea pig because this is normally part of your new pet’s diet. 2. When choosing a cage for your guinea pig, opt for the largest one in the store in that way there will be more space for your guinea pig. 3. Talk to your local pet clerk who’s usually trained in setting up your guinea pig cage, he can assist you in terms of the supplies that you’ll need from water container to the types of feeds that’s best suited for your guinea pig. 4. Don’t forget to get your pet his very own toy to add more fun in his cage. 5. Dark leafy green vegetables are good supplements to add to the commercial feeds for your guinea pig. Experiment with which brand will work best for your new pet. 6. Maintain a clean cage everyday. Scoop out the soiled hay and generally make sure that the cage is dry and clean at all times. 7. Guinea pigs are social animals, spend time with your pet.