4 Tips when adopting a dog


4 Tips when adopting a dog: 1. Adopt from a reputable shelter. Make sure that you get all the info you need before signing up. Remember owning a pet comes with a tremendous amount of responsibility. Also check if your new dog will need additional vaccination, usually the shelter will advise you on this. 2. Make sure that your home is dog proof, meaning you need to have all the necessary supplies, also make sure that you’re all fenced in, so your new dog will not run off, another thing to remember is that before adopting the dog, get the food supplies, grooming kits and everything that you’ll need, so when your dog arrives, you can easily focus on your new pet without worrying on what to get your new friend. 3. Make an appointment with a local veterinarian, to make sure that your dog is up to date with anything that your new friend will need. Also your veterinarian, can further give you advise on things you will need as well as general health plan for your dog. 4.Give your dog time to adjust to his new home. If you have other pets, make sure that you introduce the new dog slowly and pay attention in terms of how your new dog are adjusting to your lifestyle and new home in general.