What to do with your mom's Knit sweater


It's not even Christmas yet and there it was, a box with a handmade knitted sweater which your mom made with love.  You're first reaction is to toss it downstairs or donate it to the thrift store next door. But then you know your mom will nag you as to why you're not wearing the sweater. So what to do?  1. Layer your sweater, you'll be surprise at what a simple flimsy material above your sweater can do to change that boring knitted sweater look.  Even a scarf can make a big difference, try it. 2. Wear it when you show up unexpectedly at your mom's place. Of course you're just lying, the fact is you just put that on right before you parked in front of her house.  3. Ask your boyfriend if the sweater looks good on you. Expect him to say yes. And you'll be surprise that your mom sweater actually feels warm and cuddly. Or is that your heart fluttering at the sweet words of your man?  4. You can never go wrong adding it to your previous knitted collection tucked and duct taped in a box hidden at the far corner of your closet. One of these days, you're really gonna wear those sweaters. And you'll appreciate all the love and time that your mom spend on making those stuffs. You can never go wrong with a work of love, it always remains timeless.