Pretty Li Hui Zhen vs She Was Pretty


Between the two drama series, Pretty Li Hui Zhen and She Was Pretty which should you watch first? We suggest checking out the South Korean drama first, She Was Pretty where the Chinese version, Pretty Li Hui Zhen was based on. Both series are actually good, the Chinese version has more episodes though, and more twist to the plot lines, but the South Korean version was done with a perfectly romantic packaging complete with a heart touching sound tracks. Hwang Jung-eum plays the lead at She Was Pretty while Dilraba Dilmurat at the Chinese version. Both actress tackles the role differently, Hwang looks more mature for the role while Dilraba seems to be the perfect cast for the role. But at She Was Pretty, Hwang was able to give more depth to the character. Park Seo Joon plays Ji Sung Joon while Peter Sheng as Bai Hauyo, same character lines on both series. But it seems that Park Seo Joon in the South Korean version understands his character more however in fairness to Peter Sheng, there are scenes where he gave more life to the character, although it seems that his acting delivery is more restrained compared to the way Park Seo Joon acts. Goo-Joon-Hee at She Was Pretty and Li Xirui at Pretty Li Hui Zhen who both plays the best friend role of the main character are equally amazing at their interpretation and delivery of their character. They both came out as very credible and both played their role with the same intensity and depth. Vin Zhang at Pretty Li Hui Zhen and Cho Si Won at She Was Pretty tackles their role differently. Vin looks very boyish for his role yet it really suits him, while Cho is perfectly cast to play the role of someone who has a mysterious past. All in all, both series are great to watch and enjoy. But start with the South Korean version first as its earlier plus you can compare it better when you watch the Chinese version.