3 Warning Signs that you're in love with a BL Actor


How do you know that you’re not just fandomizing your favorite BL actor but shockingly you’re totally in love with him, here’s 3 warning signs: 1. He’s all you ever think of. Even in your regular life, he’s all you ever talk of. I mean, he’s like everything to you, like totally. 2. You know when he goes live at his social media, and like a loyal follower, you’re usually the first to comment or say hi whenever he goes live, well except for that girl who runs his IG Fans club who you hated ‘cause she always act like he’s her man when she’s basically just a fan like you, and you’re sure, she had not met him yet, or did she? 3. You saved up to buy a plane ticket so you can attend his BL Fan meeting at his home country. You even take things to the next level by paying extra just so you can High five him at the same time get your poster signed as the fan meeting souvenir sticker usually comes free regardless of your ticket level.