How to fix an argument over coffee


So how do you fix an argument with a friend? 1. Take your friend at his or her favorite coffee place. 2. Pay for the drinks. 3. Ask your friend if he or she needs an extra shot of cream or if the sugar sachet’s not enough, take the extra trip to satisfy whatever is lacking. 4. Take the first sip, ask your friend if the coffee’s fine. 5. Instead of directly going over the issues that you both have, just take the time to listen to whatever topic your friend wants to talk about. 6. Wait for your friend to bring up the issue in question. If he or she did not bring it up, don’t bring it up, chances are he or she is not ready to talk about the problem yet. 7. Try to control your temper, don’t argue, just sit there, enjoy your coffee and go with the flow. 8. Offer your friend another cup of coffee or if he or she prefers another type of drink, maybe he or she is ready for some pastry. 9. Probably, on the second round, your friend will bring the problem up, and then just hear him or her out, see where the conversation leads.