4 Quick fixes for your puffy eye bags


As you age, the tissues around your eyes loses its elasticity, and also too much salt in your diet can cause fluid accumulation on that area of your body. So here’s 4 quick fixes for your puffy eye bags: 1. Never underestimate the cucumber treatment. Two slices of chilled cucumbers, each on both eyes for 20 minutes. Use this time also to relax and not think of any stress triggers. 2. Tea bags are not just for your cups, chill the tea bags, and like the cucumber treatment, each bag on top of your eyes for 20 minutes. 3. Before you go to bed, apply a night moisturizer cream, and as much as possibly try sleeping on your back, also alcohol can cause eye bags, so go easy on those drinks. 4. Two ice cubes directly under your eye for few minutes, repeat as necessary. Before going outside, apply a light layer of sunblock, as too much sun exposure may affect the elasticity of your skin.

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