How not to be hurt by him


Here’s the thing, you’re chasing someone who’s not really feelin’ you. Basically, at the end of the day, you’re gonna be hurt, it’s written not only on the stars but in black and white reality. How not to be hurt by him: 1. Snap out of your fantasies, they are baseless illusions. 2. Move forward, remove him from all your social media and stop sending him those little somethings, he doesn’t want anything from you. 3. When you start to think of him, which obviously this will kick start the same feelings behind your obsession for him, do something more active like go out with your friends, spend the whole afternoon at the mall or even something fun like start your own porch garden and volunteer in your local community. 4. Time is your friend. It’s not easy to forget him, habits are hard to break. But you need to stop this habit of contacting and obsessing over him. You need to unlearn him or everything will hurt more.