6 Questions about Hair dyes


Six questions about hair dyes: 1. Are hair dyes harmful to your hair? Well, any excessive amount of chemicals applied to your hair or skin can always produce negative and harmful effects. The key here is to choose a good quality brand of hair dye and to wait at least 4 to 6 weeks before you dye your hair again. 2. When you dye your hair does it affects everything? The area of your hair that are not exposed to the dye are not affected by the chemicals of the hair dye, thus new hair growth will be dye free. But remember the chemicals on the dye are designed to affect the pH of your hair, when your pH elevates, it relaxes the cuticle allowing the color to sink in. Thus your cuticles from the start are affected by the hair dyes.s 3. How can I protect the skin around my hair particularly around my ears and forehead? Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly on those areas particularly around the hairlines, and immediately wipe it off before the dye dries up. 4. Can I shampoo after dying my hair? Try to wait at least 2 days before you use a shampoo. Also, use the brand designed for color treated hair for added protection. 5. Can hair dye cause cancer? Prolong exposures to chemicals of hair dyes are technically not healthy, thus if you work in salons, you need to periodically test yourself for the possible harmful effects coming from these chemicals. There are several studies done to answer this question, but most studies concludes that prolong exposure to hair dyes are not ideal. 6. Should I wash my hair before applying the hair dye? Think of your natural hair oils as an added protection. Don’t wash your hair when applying a hair dye, in that way you have those natural oils as protection for your hair and scalp.