Is it ok to rent an Oppa?


Is it ok to rent an Oppa? Well, if you’re at South Korea and you wanna explore the city with someone local who knows the city inside and out, then there are services like Oh My Oppa where you can rent your very own Oppa for like two hours who will give you a personalized and very inclusive city tour of areas in South Korea that you want to go to or curious to explore. The advantages of renting your very own Oppa is that you’ll have an instant tour guide that will show you the best places to go to, hang out at, restaurants to try, events to dig, and places to shop in that particular area of the city where your Oppa specializes as well as you have somebody that will answer your everything Korea questions. So, yes it’s ok to rent an Oppa, you’ll experience the real Korea as you explore the city like a local with your very own Oppa.