4 Reasons why your floral arrangements sucks


4 Reasons why your flower arrangement sucks: 1. You’re overcrowding the cut flowers, it’s just too much: think of simplicity, your arrangements will look more elegant if you focus on just the right volume of flowers. 2. You don’t have a theme. You’re mixing and combining flowers that don’t normally go together. Point in example, tall cut flowers can’t be mixed with flowers with thin and short stems, flowers with thick petals can’t be combined with delicate petal flowers. 3. The holding vase don’t do the job of well, keeping the flowers together. Select a proper vase, spacious enough to contain your arrangement, tall enough to balance the cut stem and has the appropriate space to hold enough water to keep your arrangement blooming for days. 4. You’re not thinking of the area where you’re gonna set your floral arrangements, you can’t place the arrangements by the window with direct sunlight, tall cut flowers will not be center piece appropriate as it will over crowd the table, and cut flowers should be an area where it won’t be a distraction but rather it will compliment all your interior decorations.