6 Quick cures for headaches


Six quick cures for headaches:  1. Take over the counter pain meds for a quick relief, if it's a recurring headache, schedule an appointment with your health care professional for further testing as you might need prescription pain meds instead of the OTC to deal with your headaches.  2. Gently massage your temples and neck, be careful not to exert too much pressure as you don't want to bruise yourself.  3. Avoid all kind of stress. If you're still at work, leave early so you can rest at home.  4. There are certain foods that may trigger headaches, know your triggers and avoid those foods.  5. Stay hydrated, drink more water and freshly squeezed citrus juices.  If coffee is not your headache trigger, drink coffee. The caffeine components might help in relieving headaches.  6. Sleep early and maintain a good number of sleeping hours, having adequate rest can really make a difference not only with your headaches but with your over all health as well.