Your BF Loves BL, should you be alarmed?


Your bf admitted that he’s technically a big BL fan, he knows exactly where to find in Google maps the bridge where Singto and Krist had their kiss at Sotus, he’s wondering whether 2 Moons will retain its original cast in Season 2 and he knew that Max and Tul had recently done a retro feel photo shoot for Kazz Magazine. Should you be alarmed? 1. If you’re a guy, well it’s really not an issue. 2. But if you’re a girl, it’s kinda normal for you to kinda ask him if this BL thing is just for its entertainment value or he really wants to go BL in real life which also means that he sorta gonna dump you as part of his BL for real plan. Well, here’s the thing. If you see your bf going out with another person that’s not you, or if he admitted that he’s seeing someone, then that is something real, and something that you should be alarmed as it questions not only his love but the whole relationship. His love for BL series is like a hobby. It’s just that this is something that he finds interesting. Remember most BL series are like the Spanish telenovelas, they are designed to hook you. There is really nothing wrong if he’s hooked to BL Series these days, what should be alarming is if you learned that he hooked up with your best friend.