How to take care of an Orphaned Kitten


Sometimes, nature plays its game and suddenly you’re in that situation where you need to take care of an orphaned kitten that suddenly just pops up right by your door. Here’s some tips: 1. First things first you need to be really sure that it’s an orphaned kitten, probably the mom is somewhere around, kittens needs their mother in order to survive. If you can’t find the mom, for the survival of the kitten you need to pull all the strings together. 2. Immediately make sure that the kitten is not cold, feel the kittens body, if it feels cold to touch, immediately use your body to give the orphaned kitten an immediate warm, look for blanket and a heating pad that you can use around the box that will serve as source of heat for the kitten. 3. Stop by the nearest veterinary office, and buy a Kitten Milk Replacement formula, and a kitten feeding bottle, also ask for more advise from your local veterinarian. 4. Remember if the abandoned kitten is just a week old, you need to bottle feed the kitten every 2 to 3 hours using the milk replacement, and after feeding, encourage burping and elimination by massaging the kitten’s genital area. 5. Few weeks down the road, switch to light solid food also this is the best time to bring the kitten to the veterinarian for check ups and health plan that your local veterinarian will set up for your kitten, which will include vaccinations and diet plans.