Why Art is a Panda


Art of What The Duck is definitely making waves online not only because of his amazing performance at the series, but also because recently he had been active in different live events. Couple of Art fans at IG, made a really interesting assessment that Art is like a panda. Why? Because he’s mega cute and very cuddly, there is that boyish fun in him but as an actor, he can pull a lot of strong emotions internally, which reflects that he might seem really young but emotionally speaking, he had been through a lot in life, and that’s important because as an actor he needs to pull those emotions out to give justice to his role. The other reason that makes art a Panda is that he loves to eat while he’s live, usually at bigo, it is so cute to watch him eat, one time, he’s eating this vegetable that resembles the bamboo leaves and one fan made a comparison video, Art is one side of the slide the panda on the other slide. So cute, definitely!