Love by Chance the series is Amazing and Touching


Love by Chance is no doubt the most awaited BL series of the year. Despite the delays on the series launch, the long wait is definitely worth it. If you had not seen the First episode yet, then go ahead and check it out. The first episode gives a preview on what the series is all about. The characters are given enough screen time to engage the viewers and tell the story from their perspective. The pacing of the scenes are very fast and very fulfilling. It covered a lot of topics and unlike many BL Thai series, the director did not drag the scenes in order to milk it for screen time. Every scenes are important and vital in revealing the plot and emotions that the characters were trying to convey to its viewers. The first episode touches on important and relevant problems and issues that teens today faces, like coming out, Pete finally comes out to his mom of which no matter how painful, his mom accepted and loved him for who is and and assured him that she will also love whoever he will love in the future, and bullying- which gives an insight to Pete's character, he's a very lonely guy, so when somebody takes an interest on him, he immediately trusted this person, who unfortunately is just after his money. Ae is the love team of Pete, he's romantic at heart. There is an instant attraction between them when they accidentally met for the first time. And Pete also noticed that Ae showed kindness and sweetness towards him, something that he had not experienced before. Being gay, affected Pete's self esteem and self confidence. Meeting Ae for the first time, made him realize that it's possible to find someone who will never judge him for who he is. The first episode definitely has a well written script and gives a satisfying experience for its viewers.