Why Coffee relaxes you


That's a really good question, why coffee relaxes you?  Here's my take:  When you drink your morning coffee you're in the rush, either to have a quick pop before you drop to your office or school or just to have the caffeine kick in order to wake you up. But coffee after work  is an entirely different thing, you sip your coffee like you have no worries in the world. It's that time of the day where you talk to your friends, call your boyfriend or just browse through your phone. If you're in your favorite coffee shop, the better. The smell of roasted coffee beans up in the air definitely creates that urban nirvana escape that you need after an intense day. It's relaxing to know that while you're sipping your coffee, you're not really thinking of anything else that will upset your mood. That's how coffee relaxes you. It might just be a cup of few minutes. It's still an escape, to just be you.