How to pass time while waiting


Waiting is super hard. Regardless of what type of waiting you're doing and who you're waiting for, here's some basic things that you can do to pass time while waiting:  1. Play with your phone, browse through every imaginable sites and populate your social media with endless comments on other people's posts.  2. Meditate. Close your eyes and think of cute, peaceful and happy things.  3. Check out the hottest guy and potential boyfriend material who like you are stuck waiting at that room. Can't find any? Well, then... 4. Call your boyfriend and tell him how bored you are. Start a conversation with no topic in mind.  5. Now is the time to catch up on last year's fashion mag issues. No problem, you'll find them by the mag rack right by the counter clerk. Fair warning though, she might give you the look, immediately accusing you that you have plans of sneaking outside that office with their magazine stashed at your back pocket.