How to convince your bf to join a male pageant


You've always wanted your bf to join male pageants but he always go for the that's not for me excuses. So how do you convince, motivate and encourage him?  1. Show him a You Tube video of a male pageant, force him to watch it in full from opening number to sashing of the winner. Explain to him the joys, excitement and fun of pageants.  2. Consistently talk about the recent pageant winners, make him jealous that you're so into them these days even though you don't really know them, they just happened to be pageant kings. 3. Buy him couple of really nice and upscale designer swimwear. Tell him that it will really be cool to see him model those pricey swimwear at a global pageant stage.  4. Talk to his mom. Explain to her why she should help you convince her son to join a local pageant. Make it really clear that she'll have the perks of being a pageant mom.  5. Treat him to an afternoon of suit shopping. Make him feel really comfortable and relaxed in a quality designer suit. Take his selfie while mumbling to yourself with just the right amount of volume within his hearing distance how you wish he will join a pageant as it will really be hot to see him model a formal attire.