3 Ways to ditch your worry


3 ways to ditch your worry:  1. Talk to yourself, by that I meant, really talk to yourself. Since it's the only person in the world who really knows the real you and who really cares about you. Be honest with him. And assure him that everything will be fine, and that he shouldn't worry.  2. Identify the worries that has solutions and that are controllable and manageable. Have a concrete plan and act immediately to resolve those worries.  As for the worries that are beyond your control or are pointless as there's no solution, learn to accept it and to let go, one day at a time.  3. Distract yourself from all your worries. Go out with your best friend. Shop for something that you really like. Volunteer in your local community charity. And smile. We only have one life to live, live it without worrying about anything, no matter how major or insignificant they are.