6 Reasons to work out with your brother


Gym shy to be with your brother? Here's six reasons why you shouldn't:  1. Nothing is more fulfilling in life than to shock your brother that you actually own a gym outfit, this will definitely change his perspective on you that you're gym lazy.  2. Your brother is a perpetual gym addict, it wouldn't hurt to learn how to do the gym thing straight from an expert, best of all, it's free. You don't need to hire a trainer.  3. Ever since childhood the competition between you and your brother had always been fierce, why not take those efforts to the gym level? Prove to him that you're certainly better and fitter. Bonus points? Slimmer waist line and more energy to find a new boyfriend.  4. Bonding time with your brother. As boring as it sounds, it's still to your advantage to know who your brother's gym pals are. Maybe you can lure them to spill some dirt which of course you can use later on to control and black mail your very own brother. 5. While he's lifting the weights, don't you think that's a great time to finally ask him if he's dating someone and that it's ok if he's gay, as you definitely need a new bff. Your current best friend just back stabbed you the social media way four minutes ago.  6. It's a great feeling to prove to your brother that you can also do his thing. Even though, it will cost you a week of laziness because all your muscles aches.