3 excuses if you forgot your bf's bday


Ok, nothing is more unforgivable in life than to forget your very own man's birthday. Here's 3 excuses:  1. His gift is on the way.  Blame it on the postal office. Blame it on the website you bought it from. Blame it on your mom for all her nagging behavior which confuses you even more. Blame it on the neighbor for her dog that does his thing on your lawn all the time, I mean these events, circumstances and people affects your mood and everything including his birthday gift.  2. Go for a major drama, your phone's broke that's why you did not call him. And not only that, you forgot your wallet by Seven Eleven and everything went down hill from there. Now you have to fight with your credit card companies for all those weird charges like fertilizer charged from a store in Nigeria, I mean you don't even have a lawn and you're allergic to leaves much more to plants, and Nigeria, you have zero idea where it is, no wonder you failed your history class, it's your mom's fault again for being too cheap to buy you a map back during your grade school days.  3. You're sick during that day. But you're fine now. So if it's ok with him, you would like to take him to a really nice burger meal at his fast food choice: Mc Donalds or Burger King.