Why you should try Mix


We recently test drive Mix, if you're not familiar with Mix, this new social media Pinterest like site is from the creators of Stumble Upon which recently went offline. So why should you try Mix? For starters it simplifies everything, Mix allows you to create Instagram like feeds on your own personalized tab. All you need to do is know the link to anything online, add the link, the photo and excerpts will be saved on your own tab. This means that you can save the link of a post in a random website so you can go back to it later, and because there's a photo and short excerpts it gives you a quick idea on what you had saved few days ago. You can also follow other mixers and remix what they had posted on their own tabs, this will be quickly added on your own personalized tab, plus Mix also suggest contents that you might not had seen yet based on the Mix contents that you had viewed or posted about.  You can comment on the post of other people, so this gives a little interaction. But all in all, Mix is created to filter the amount of information out there into topics and posts that you personally be only interested in. This saves time and efforts and simplify the complex information out there. So Mix is a good site, you should try it.