Laundry Teddy Scene 4




Teddy waits outside as the class finishes, he looks around as the students exits the classroom. He finally found his customer, Teddy hands the laundry bag to her, she immediately paid him. Two students from the same class, had their laundry bags with them, they gave it to Teddy and that's when he felt Roger's arm around his shoulder.






You missed picking up my laundry

last week, are you by  any chance

avoiding me?


I've just been busy. Roger, you

see....I just have a lot of laundry

to wash.


Right, but not my laundry. Come on

Teddy, who are you fooling? Why did

you not picked up my laundry? I

don't have clothes to wear. They're

all waiting for you.  So why are you

not washing them?


Because....I need the money and

you've never really paid me.  I

mean, that's not fair.

Teddy dropped the two laundry bag he's carrying, this distracted Roger as his eyes looks down towards those bags, Teddy takes this opportunity to dash out, away from Roger. He bumps into couple of students as he runs through the hallway, panicking he found his way at the school's mens restroom.  He hid at the last stall. Roger, meanwhile follows, runs towards Teddy, straight towards the mens restroom at the end of the hallway. As soon as he got inside the restroom, he started kicking every door of the toilet stalls until he found Teddy standing scared stiffed at the last cubicle. He kicked Teddy's stomach and legs. He pinned him by the stall wall, tugging both arms from behind to immobilize him.


Don't hurt me please. I'll do your

laundry. Please don't  hurt me.

Roger...please  don't hurt me.

From now on, I'll never miss

picking up your laundry.  It will be forever. It will be my

priority. I promise. I'm sorry Roger,

I'm really sorry.


That's good to know. Why do you

have to run like an ugly coward,

when you're gonna easily give in?

Rumor has it that you don't know

how to read, if I wrote something

in your back, will you be able to

tell me what I wrote?

Roger splits Teddy's shirt in half from his back, fishing the pen from his pocket, he wrote the word "L O S E R" at Teddy's back.  He then pulled Teddy out of the stall towards the restroom sink. Teddy stares at the sink mirror. Roger pushed him to turn towards his side.


Go on, don't just stand and stare.

What did I wrote? Prove to me that

those rumors are not true.


I don't know Roger.  I can't

read what you wrote.


How old are you, 40? And you can't

read a single simple word? How about

this, (push Teddy to his back again

and writes the word Stupid on top of the

word loser )

What did I wrote

Teddy you can’t say

it right, because…..

because you are really a stu...

Before Roger can finish his sentence, Drew punched him on his face which knocked him down at the floor. He was instantly unconscious. Teddy looks at Drew.


What did he wrote on my back?


That's not you Teddy.  Come on,

let's go, I'll take you home.  (Drew takes

off his jacket and wrapped it

around Teddy)


What did he wrote Drew, tell me,

why can't you just tell me?


Because that's not you.

Drew moves closer to Teddy. He noticed that Teddy's legs are weak. He can barely stand.


Are you ok? Did he hurt your legs?


(Nods at Drew)



Yes Teddy (Moves much closer to

Teddy, their faces are just an inch

away from each other)


You can't move right now.




Because...we're very close. If you move,

something will happen


You mean this will happen?

Drew kissed Teddy who responded at first but exhaustion took over, his head lands on Drew's shoulders. Drew kissed Teddy's head. Drew slowly sits down by the floor, sliding his back against the restroom wall while supporting Teddy's body from falling. Few minutes later Teddy moves, Drew smiled. He helps Teddy on his feet and piggyback carried him towards the waiting car outside the school. As he help Teddy inside his car, Teddy woke up.


Drew....the laundry bags.


I got them.  (Apparently while

passing through the hallway, Drew

saw the laundry bags that Teddy

dropped to distract Roger)


Drew....did we?


Did we... what, do this?

Drew kissed Teddy who responded willingly.